Finally, public speaking made easy.




In a relaxed and comfortable setting you will genuinely enjoy discovering new levels of overall personal confidence.



Within a small group environment you will have direct experiences that will open you up to bring out the best in you.



Come away more aware of your own unique voice and better equipped to use it for when you next have to Stand & Deliver!

Prepare for an experience of personal discovery!


The Stand & Deliver program is specifically designed to simplify the process of gaining real public speaking strength.  Inside a session you will discover these key outcomes:

The ability to move out of your own way and avoid anxiety and fear.

Real awareness of your voice and how best to manage it for maximum audience impact.

How to craft and prepare your speech.

A new sense of overall personal confidence.

So what is a Public Speaking Bootcamp?

This unique, interactive program, is completed in a single three hour session. 

Director and facilitator, Michael Croaker, will personally take you through a public speaking 'workout' drawn from 30 years of professional experience as a Keynote Speaker, Voice Over Artist, Corporate Emcee, TV Host and Live Announcer.

Each Public Speaking Bootcamp session is limited to a small number of participants to ensure maximum individual attention.

Michael not only personalised the experience by giving us tools relevant to our own skills and abilities, but developed our confidence throughout the session. I felt clearer in mind and stronger in ability after three hours, and now look forward to my next engagement. Even if you feel good in front of an audience, this is next level coaching.”
— Duncan Jones, Hollywood Location Scout.